Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: IN FIORE Bois d'Eté

Even if this weren't named 'Summer Wood,' I think it would still make me think of one. The first time I tried Bois d'Eté Parfum Solide, it very strongly reminded me of the bamboo grove behind my childhood summer farmhouse. The grove was perpetually shady and slightly damp from the little dribbling creek that ran along beside the house, and smelled like sap and cool, loamy earth.

In Fiore Bois d'Eté is like that. Stem-y, green, bitter, and very distinctly galbanum. In fact I don't think I've encountered a fragrance as strong on it as this. Bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, and vetiver are detectable, as well, and nicely support the principal. A simple but forceful herbal blend, I find it stimulating in a palate-cleansing sort of way and also a little zen.

In Fiore perfumes come in solid form, and as such, it's hard to overdo it and overwhelm one's neighbor -- a good thing in this case, as I think otherwise the raw green of it would be too aggressive. In any case, for myself, I rather like perfume solids, precisely for their discreet range, and because this compact is so attractive, I really enjoy toting it around and taking it out of its velvet pouch to dab some on every now and then as a little pick-me-up salve.

The body balms and face oils and serums are exquisite and worth some obsession, too, despite In Fiore's somewhat laughable and relentless puritanically-organic yet gilded-lily vibe.

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