Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Suit on the Stair

Tan jacket, Prince Albert tie: I passed
you in the library
last Saturday 1:57.
I was the one in black.
The Mishima? Well, no,
it isn't my usual fare.
It fell into my hands, somehow.
As if it knew
it was coming,
that little lift of eyebrow and lip --
you supercilious shit. Anyhow,
should you judge
a book by its cover -- isn't that
the irony of his life? Beauty,
a fierce whip to the unlovely; and
no less
by your offhand grip.

[I would like
to hand you off to a court of the blind,
to petition where
the might of beauty enjoys no right;
no natural nobility, or divinity -- merely
the same vanitas that is everywhere
the same sentence.
A suitable vengeance
to dress you in. Let me tie
for you such coils -- though
what do I know
of what arcana roiling under your skin?]

OK, he might have been wearing the ordinary Four-in-Hand, but it looked to me like the Prince Albert and as that is my favorite knot, I took some liberty. I like the Prince Albert because it makes a fairly compact knot but balances against the tongue better than the F-in-H, and I think narrower heads in general just much more flattering than the broad, squat-triangles of the Windsors. Actually, I prefer almost anything to the full Windsor, which, especially with heavy fabrics, always looks caricaturish to me and seems normal only in morning dress (or on a thick neck). The Prince Albert is a lot less obvious and stentorian and very easy to dress down.

A mini tutorial on the Prince Albert:
image from bensilver.com

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